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Experience the convenience of an AI tool with the unique capabilities of Coefficient. It's a robust suite that integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets, enabling you to analyze and connect your data with ease and speed. It does not only facilitate data processing but also enhances productivity by streamlining complex data analysis tasks.

This AI tool enables you to pull real-time data from a variety of business applications such as Salesforce, Shopify, and Tableau. You simply need to provide text instructions, and the tool does the rest. Chat directly with the built-in GPT from your spreadsheets using the GPTX() suite of spreadsheet functions. It even has the ability to auto-generate complex formulas, pivots, and charts from simple English commands.

Coefficient goes beyond ordinary data tools by intelligently analyzing tables to generate insightful and visually appealing charts highlighting crucial trends. It's all about simplifying data analysis while providing valuable insights. It lets you unlock GPT use cases across various sectors, including industry news, competitor blogs, market trends, customer reviews, and social media analytics.

Real-time and historical data are combined in an elegant manner, allowing you to create the reports and dashboards you need without breaking a sweat. Coefficient offers a waitlist for early access to their AI tools. Also, you'll find a comprehensive catalog of integrations, a product overview, pricing details, data security information, and customer stories on

In summary, Coefficient is a next-generation AI tool designed to make data analysis and connectivity simple and efficient. Its integration with Google Sheets, live data extraction, intelligent chart generation, and direct GPT chat are some of the standout features. Whether it's analyzing market trends or generating complex reports, Coefficient offers a comprehensive solution that can significantly enhance productivity.

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