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Experience the power of Copyleaks, an AI tool that brings a new level of precision and speed to plagiarism detection, making it a breeze to ensure your writing is error-free and authentic. As a comprehensive platform, excels in identifying not only potential plagiarism but also instances of paraphrasing, thus affirming the originality and ownership of a piece.

It's a suite of tools designed to ensure the originality of your content. It includes a Plagiarism Detector that instantly highlights direct plagiarism, paraphrased content, and similar text. This makes it an easy task to verify originality on the fly.

The platform also features API Integration, a functionality that allows you to incorporate plagiarism detection and content verification in your native platforms. Moreover, the Learning Management System (LMS) Integration enables plagiarism checks from within your LMS platforms, adding a layer of convenience to the process.

Additionally, Copyleaks offers a handy Chrome Extension. This tool gives you the ability to confirm the authenticity of any text, whether written by a person or generated by AI, directly from your browser. The AI Grading feature is another highlight, enabling educators to grade essays and other written work swiftly and accurately.

With the Duplicate File Finder and Text Compare tools, you can compare documents and texts effortlessly. This way, students can avoid accidental plagiarism and maintain the originality of their work.

In summary, Copyleaks is a comprehensive AI tool that offers a variety of features designed to detect plagiarism, verify authenticity, and grade written content. It can be used by individuals, educational institutions, and enterprises to ensure the originality of written work, integrate plagiarism detection in their platforms, and grade assignments accurately and quickly.

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