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Plagiarism detector by Copyleaks is a sophisticated software that leverages AI technology to identify instances of plagiarism, verify the authenticity of a text, and confirm copyright ownership. It's a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional plagiarism detection methods by identifying subtle differences, concealed characters, and even rewritten content.

This AI tool is capable of detecting various forms of plagiarism, including image-based text and attempts to trick detection systems. It's also proficient in spotting plagiarism in source code and supports scans in more than 30 languages. In addition, it has a unique capability to distinguish between human-produced text and AI-generated content, bolstering its versatility and effectiveness.

Plagiarism detector by Copyleaks offers a high level of accuracy, with a success rate of 99.12% in detecting AI-created material. It supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, and more. It also includes a recurring scan feature that automatically scans your content at scheduled intervals, providing an extra layer of security against potential plagiarism.

Used and trusted by leading organizations worldwide, offers an enterprise solution that monitors and protects your content from potential plagiarism threats while verifying its authenticity.

In summary, the Plagiarism detector by Copyleaks is a robust AI tool that efficiently detects plagiarism, verifies content authenticity, and guards against attempts to deceive detection software. It supports multiple languages, can identify AI-generated content, and offers a scheduled recurring scan feature. This tool is essential for anyone who wants to ensure the originality and protection of their content.

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Plagiarism detector by Copyleaks

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