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Unlock the power of AI detection with's innovative AI tool. This high-tech solution empowers users to scan and verify the authenticity of content, specifically flagging any text that has been generated by AI models like ChatGPT, GPT3, GPT2, Jasper, among others.

Whether it's documents, articles, social media posts, or website content, this AI tool can handle it all. It supports a wide array of document formats including PDF and Word files, and even extracts text directly from website URLs. employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the quality of content. By constantly training the system to recognize new AI models and keeping it aligned with the latest AI advancements, the tool ensures highly accurate results.

Not only does it conduct an in-depth analysis of the content, but it also provides detailed insights. Each sentence and paragraph is scrutinized to identify the percentage of AI-generated content, which is then highlighted in different colors for easy identification. Comprehensive reports are generated, summarizing the overall AI-generated content in the text.

Two distinct detection methods (Method A and Method B) are available to users, allowing for a thorough verification process and reducing the risk of AI-generated text slipping through unnoticed.

Privacy is a top priority at Rest assured, any text you input is kept confidential and is never saved, shared, or posted online.

From students and teachers to writers and freelancers, this AI tool is a valuable asset for anyone needing to verify the authenticity of text. As AI technology continues to evolve, so does the accuracy rate of this tool, making it an ever-improving asset in your tech toolkit.

In summary, is a powerful AI tool aimed at detecting AI-generated content. With its ability to analyze a wide range of content types, its advanced algorithms, detailed reports, and high privacy standards, this tool has broad use cases. It can be beneficial for educators, students, writers and anyone who needs to ensure the authenticity of their content.

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