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Immerse yourself in the digital world with this AI tool, Do. Fancy and easy AI inside your browser, a user-friendly browser extension that simplifies content creation. This extension provides users with all the essential tools for content creation, minus the unnecessary complexities. It's uniquely designed to function with your own OpenAI API key or it can be utilized for free with ad-support through the servers provided by Do.

Initiating a command is as easy as prefixing any command with '/do'. This feature adds to the convenience of using this AI tool. Plus, the no-registration-required policy allows anyone to use this content editor free of charge. If you choose to use your own OpenAI API key, all you need to do is set it up in the extension settings.

Compatible with the Chrome Web Store, Do. Fancy and easy AI inside your browser is a lightweight extension, with a size of just 9.77KB, making it easily accessible for users. The developer ensures the tool continuously evolves by collecting website content such as text, images, videos, and hyperlinks to improve the tool's functionality.

Security is a top priority, with the developer guaranteeing that user data is neither sold to third parties nor used for unrelated purposes. This ensures that your data only serves to enhance the core functions of the tool, providing you with a reliable and secure AI tool.

To sum up, Do. Fancy and easy AI inside your browser is a content creation companion that's easy to use, lightweight, and secure. With this tool, users can create content freely, enhance their productivity, and get the most out of their browsing experience. The features of this tool, combined with its user-friendliness and the value it provides, make it a must-have for digital content creators.

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