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Equals is an AI tool that reinvents the way you interact with spreadsheets, offering an artificial intelligence assistant that empowers you to generate formulas, write SQL queries, and summarize complex data effortlessly. This remarkable tool is equipped with a full-featured spreadsheet platform, including real-time collaboration features, so you can team up with colleagues to view and edit spreadsheets simultaneously.

With Equals, you gain access to more than 100 formulas, making the creation of models and analyses easier with familiar syntax. It also boasts professional-grade charting capabilities, letting you visualize data in an impactful way. This AI tool's power extends to automating spreadsheets, thanks to data connectors that link to more than 10 data sources. You can enjoy the convenience of creating calculated columns that automatically extend formulas during model refreshes.

Equals paves the way for efficient navigation and editing with advanced keyboard shortcuts. It also offers a unique SQL editor where you can input SQL queries directly within the spreadsheet, even providing a visual query builder for those less familiar with SQL. With Equals, you can enjoy the added features of version history for reproducibility and scheduled queries for automated updates.

Moreover, Equals allows you to build and save valuable queries in a library. You can even import scripts from external APIs or internal tools, giving you the flexibility to build dashboards within a familiar spreadsheet environment. Equals.ai distinguishes itself as the only spreadsheet tool with built-in connections to databases, versioning, and collaboration features.

In summary, Equals is a comprehensive solution for spreadsheet tasks, delivering advanced features and integration capabilities. It is a game-changer in data analysis and productivity, providing an easy-to-navigate interface, a variety of formulas, real-time collaboration, and connectivity to databases. Whether you're a data analyst who needs to make sense of vast amounts of data or a project manager who collaborates with a team, Equals can streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.

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