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Discover the power of AI with Smarty Names, a sophisticated online tool that generates exceptional domain names for your venture. Employing intricate algorithms, this AI tool crafts original and inventive domain names that are readily available for you to acquire.

With Smarty Names, you can expect swift search and results, often delivered in less than 20 seconds. This remarkable platform goes the extra mile by offering premium .com domains and an array of unique ALT TLDS. It also presents the ability to employ custom filters, access to hacked domains, and the provision to save your searches and revisit them later.

Since its inception, Smarty Names has successfully generated over a million domains. To enhance user experience, it offers premium features such as checking social media handle availability, providing early access to upcoming features, and verifying domain availability across 500 extensions.

Apart from domain name generation, users also have the opportunity to subscribe to 'The Novice', a publication that demystifies AI in layman's terms while offering fun and easy AI activities to try at home.

Smarty Names teams up with reliable partners like, GoDaddy, and Namecheap, ensuring a simple and direct route to discover and purchase the domain names you covet.

In summary, Smarty Names is a comprehensive AI tool dedicated to generating original and readily available domain names. It provides a host of additional features and services, from premium domains to domain availability checks across multiple extensions. Whether you're starting a new business or expanding an existing one, Smarty Names can help you find the perfect domain name to support your online presence.

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