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Need a handy tool to transcribe your online meetings? Look no further, Tactiq is an AI tool that comes as a Chrome extension, providing real-time transcriptions for Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams meetings. By leveraging the power of OpenAI ChatGPT, the tool expertly generates summaries, action items, and agendas from your discussions.

With Tactiq, you can identify speakers, share your screens, and even distribute transcripts. Over 300,000 users have downloaded the tool, as evidenced by the numerous reviews on tactiq.io. The tool's functionality extends to integrating with popular platforms such as Google Docs, Slack, and Confluence.

Among the standout features of Tactiq are real-time transcription and speaker identification. It saves you time by transcribing meetings as they happen, allowing you to stay engaged and not miss any crucial information. Post-meeting, you can share the transcript and summary with others, fostering a culture of collaboration and transparency.

Security is a priority, and Tactiq protects your sensitive conversations with high-grade encryption. A wide range of professionals including Product Managers, Leadership Coaches, and Project Managers have endorsed this tool, finding it to be a valuable productivity asset.

Not only users, but Tactiq has also been recognized as a Google Cloud technology partner. Details about its pricing plan, integrations, and resources are conveniently located on its website, tactiq.io.

In summary, Tactiq is a versatile tool that enhances productivity during online meetings. It assists in note-taking, summarizing important insights, and seamlessly integrates with various tools to provide a comprehensive solution for your meeting needs.

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