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Presenting FactGPT, an innovative AI tool developed by Humanity Plus Technologies Private Limited. This digital writing assistant enables you to generate fresh, user-centric content complete with citations efficiently. FactGPT is akin to ChatGPT by Open AI, but with an added advantage of providing personalized, real-time content that is fact-checked.

This AI tool is not limited to a single niche - it can generate content on a diverse range of topics, including current and recent events, films, products, and beyond. FactGPT's capabilities extend to accepting uploads of your personal documents or files. These documents serve as context which the AI uses to generate content.

Not only does it craft content catered to your specific query, but it also does so free of charge. But what sets FactGPT apart from other similar tools is its ability to help you optimize content not just for human readers, but also for search engines. This ensures your content reaches a wider audience and ranks better on search engine results.

In summary, FactGPT is a versatile AI tool that offers a range of features including generating fresh, accurate content on a wide array of topics, accepting uploads of your documents for context, and optimizing content for human readers and search engines. Use cases include creating blog posts, writing product descriptions, generating content on current events, and more. FactGPT is not just a content generator - it's a tool that helps you create relevant, engaging, and optimized content quickly and accurately.

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