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Experience the power of AI with Originality.ai, a tool specifically designed to meet the needs of SEO professionals, content marketers, and web publishers. This AI tool intelligently scrutinizes the authenticity of the content and identifies any plagiarized material. It's not just another academic tool; it's a sophisticated AI solution for serious web publishers.

Not only does it identify copied content, but it can also detect whether the content was generated by AI tools. This feature sets it apart from its competitors, making it a unique solution in the content verification landscape. Notably, Originality.ai boasts an impressive 96% accuracy rate, significantly higher than its closest competitor at 35%.

It offers a cost-effective solution with a pricing model of just $0.01 per credit, where one credit can scan up to 100 words. It's not just a tool; it's an investment for quality content. Coupled with a variety of features like a Chrome extension, API, Readability Checker, Text Compare, and team management functions, Originality.ai provides a comprehensive solution for content verification.

An added advantage is the activity history feature of Originality.ai that archives all scans and their results for future reference. You can perform a full site scan, and the results can be used to comprehend the origin of the content you receive and safeguard your website against future content updates from Google AI.

In summary, Originality.ai offers a robust plagiarism detection solution with AI detection capability. It's an essential tool for web publishers, SEO professionals, and content marketers looking to maintain the originality of their content and protect against AI-generated material.

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