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Step into the world of innovation with the AI Toolbox for innovators, an array of free, AI-imbued tools designed to help you ignite, assess, and refine your ideas swiftly and effortlessly. From the Brainstorm Buddy, an AI tool that stokes your creative flame with novel ideas, to the Opportunity Scores tool that assists you in prioritizing your problems, this toolbox has you covered.

Envision the future with the Future Scenario Writer, a tool that enables you to craft custom scenarios of the future. Enjoy the convenience and affordability of the Personalized Advice tool, which doles out strategic advice tailored to your needs without the hefty cost of a consulting firm.

Get a deep understanding of your target audience with the Personas Maker, and get concise, well-structured research with the Research Brief tool to aid you in answering pressing questions or exploring broad topics. Plan your interviews seamlessly with the Interview Script tool, which generates bespoke scripts for you to extract valuable insights.

Gain a profound understanding of specific problems with the Problem Understanding Card, and generate up to five different How Might We statements for each problem with the HMW Statements tool. With new tools being added on a weekly basis, you'll have continuous access to cutting-edge AI tools that will elevate your innovation process and help you actualize your ideas.

A product of Board of Innovation, a global innovation firm committed to shaping the products, services, and businesses of tomorrow, the AI Toolbox for innovators is your go-to platform for all your innovation needs. It empowers you with a multitude of tools, each designed to enhance a different aspect of your innovation process, whether it be brainstorming, problem-solving, scenario planning, or audience understanding. It is a one-stop-shop that caters to all your innovation requirements, helping you stay ahead in the game.

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AI Toolbox for innovators

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