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Enter the world of efficient and collaborative communication with ChatDocHub, a platform specially designed to streamline document-centric group discussions. This AI tool enables users to engage in conversations while interacting with multiple PDF files simultaneously - a nod to multitasking and productivity.

Enjoy real-time messaging with ChatDocHub, fostering immediate communication among users. The tool furnishes a group chat functionality, encouraging vibrant discussions with multiple participants. Whether you prefer the intimacy of private conversations or the transparency of public ones, ChatDocHub has got you covered with its private and public group options.

Never miss a beat with timely notifications that keep you in the loop about ongoing interactions. ChatDocHub also introduces an element of fun to your discussions with its support for emojis. Plus, the tool caters to a global user base with its multilingual support, allowing users to communicate seamlessly in their preferred language.

Step up your collaboration game with ChatDocHub's real-time collaboration feature, enabling simultaneous editing and interaction within shared documents. The tool's threaded discussions feature organizes conversations around specific topics or questions, ensuring a smooth flow of discussion. Access controls are also in place via user roles and permissions, safeguarding document integrity and security.

ChatDocHub offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs, providing options from a free plan to enterprise-level custom plans. Additionally, API access is available for developers, facilitating the tool's integration into other applications. In summary, ChatDocHub is your one-stop solution for efficient, interactive, and document-driven group chats, combining features like multi-PDF collaboration, Q&A, real-time knowledge sharing, and more. It's not just about communication; it's about empowering collaboration.

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