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Document AI (DocAI) takes unstructured data from documents and transforms it into structured data.

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Google Document AI (DocAI) is a powerful platform that allows users to structure and store document data for various purposes. This data can be analyzed, searched, and utilized to automate processes. Document AI offers a range of pretrained models as well as the option to create custom models through Workbench. These models can extract data, classify documents, and split them into relevant sections.

By utilizing the document data, businesses can gain new insights about their products and meet customer expectations more effectively. Generative AI allows users to easily extract data, search for specific information, and summarize documents, providing a streamlined and efficient workflow. Users are encouraged to try Document AI in their own environment to experience its benefits firsthand.

The Google Document AI platform serves as a unified console for document processing, providing quick access to all models and tools. It offers pretrained models for basic document processing tasks such as OCR and Form Parser, as well as specialized models tailored to specific industries like lending, contracts, procurement, and identity documents. Alternatively, users can utilize Google Document AI Workbench to uptrain existing models or create their own custom models to achieve better results for their organization's documents.

Document AI Warehouse allows users to search, store, and manage documents, and even trigger workflows. It offers the ability to automate and validate documents, streamlining workflows, reducing guesswork, and ensuring data accuracy and compliance. The platform is built on Google's decades of AI innovation, incorporating computer vision, foundation models, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. These technologies power the pretrained models, document workbench, and semantic search, making Document Warehouse a superior alternative to traditional document repositories. The integration of new foundation models into Document AI Workbench enables users to improve custom processors quickly and efficiently through prompts. Additionally, Google Document AI Warehouse provides fine-grained access controls, allowing users to ask natural language questions and receive answers using generative AI across a corpus of documents.

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