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Unlock the power of your documents with Tactic, an AI tool that yields invaluable insights from a myriad of document types, no matter the source. The core function of this tool, found at tactic.fyi/generative-insights/, is to simplify your research, analysis, and decision-making processes by automating them.

Users can load diverse documents such as presentations, contracts, meeting notes, and more. Tactic then delivers contextual highlights and essential answers that directly impact your business. It helps you absorb the data, and outlines the next steps for you.

One standout feature of Tactic is the ability to input and dissect unstructured documents from a multitude of sources such as news outlets, Google, PDFs, web pages, customer interactions, and market research. Users can also pose specific queries and get organized replies, similar to utilizing SQL for unstructured data.

Tactic does more than just summarize your findings. It allows you to cross-reference multiple documents, create interactive reports, and even share and publish your work in aesthetically pleasing tables and reports. This feature encourages collaboration and action within your teams.

With a range of use cases from executives and legal professionals to investors, sales and marketing teams, procurement, and HR personnel, Tactic is designed for anyone who needs to manage large amounts of information. It offers various pricing plans, including a free option for teams to test, making it flexible for different needs and budgets.

In summary, Tactic is an AI tool designed to streamline the generation of insights. It simplifies the process of extracting valuable information from documents, enabling users to make informed decisions based on the analyzed data.

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