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Discover the power of an AI tool that revolutionizes the recruitment process - Gpt Vetting. This tool provides a rapid and precise evaluation of software engineers' abilities, enabling efficient candidate sourcing.

As a product of GPT-4 technology, this AI tool conducts a comprehensive test for engineers within a short span of 15 minutes. The results include a detailed analysis of each tech stack, a score out of ten, an appraisal of soft skills, and the likelihood of cheating.

Instead of merely relying on resumes, which can often be misleading, Gpt Vetting delivers a more accurate reflection of a candidate's competence. It is designed with features like a voice recording module, an immediate 2-minute timer question, active proctoring, and an AI classifier. These features aim to cut down both the recruitment time and costs by minimizing cheating. is the optimal choice for businesses aiming to hire the top talent worldwide and bypass the prolonged recruitment cycle filled with multiple interview rounds and unsuitable candidates.

Currently, Gpt Vetting is in its beta phase, and you can join the waitlist for early access. This tool stands as a trustworthy, efficient, and precise solution for businesses looking to swiftly and accurately evaluate technical talent and streamline their recruitment process.

In summary, Gpt Vetting is an AI tool that transforms the hiring process with its quick and detailed candidate assessments. It not only serves as a time-efficient solution but also provides a more accurate evaluation of a candidate's technical and soft skills. From minimizing cheating to streamlining the recruitment process, this tool can significantly benefit your business.

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