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Discover the power of semantic search with Hippocratic AI, an AI tool that revolutionizes the way you explore data. Unlike conventional keyword searches, this tool allows you to dig deeper and find related information, even when you're not sure of the exact wording to use.

Driven by AI, the tool leverages data from statpearls, honoring the usage policy and obtaining data via FTP. Developed by Hippocratic AI using Streamlit, it stands out as a valuable resource for researchers, students, and professionals alike. hippocratic-medical-questions.herokuapp.com is where you can access this tool.

Whether you're researching for a project, studying for an exam, or simply trying to find more about a specific subject, the AI tool can help you find the most relevant information swiftly and accurately. It eliminates the tedious process of sifting through irrelevant results, making your search more efficient.

In summary, Hippocratic AI is a powerful AI tool that uses semantic search to help users find the information they need. Its wide range of applications, from academic research to professional use, makes it a versatile tool. By delivering accurate and relevant results faster than traditional methods, it can save users considerable time and effort.

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