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Experience a new way of enhancing your productivity with, an AI tool designed to speed up your information retrieval and composition. This hotkey-based desktop tool allows you to initiate an LLM (Language Model) query in any program, with the text you've selected, using a single shortcut key. It also keeps a searchable record of your queries, making it possible to easily reference previous inquiries. doesn't just retrieve information from the web. It can also pull data from your private sources such as PDFs, DOCX, and TXT files to deliver comprehensive and personalized responses. This unique feature allows you to focus more on higher-level thinking tasks, leaving the machine to handle the information retrieval and composition.

When it comes to data usage and retention, maintains a strict policy. It doesn't store or use your queries, data sources, or documents for training purposes. All queries are sent to OpenAI, which only retains the data for 30 days, after which it gets deleted. And to ensure user privacy, uses the OpenAI API policies, which are even stricter than those of ChatGPT.

Using requires an OpenAI API key. However, it doesn't support ChatGPT Plus accounts. If you don't have an API key, you can obtain a communal one by signing up for the subscription service, available for a nominal fee. And to further prioritize user privacy, is working on adding local offline models.

In summary, is a revolutionary AI tool that boosts your productivity by improving the speed and accuracy of your information retrieval and composition tasks. It offers a unique blend of features that allow you to focus on more strategic tasks, while the machine handles the rest. Whether you're working on a report, researching for a project, or just trying to find some information quickly, is the tool for you.

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