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Meet Llama 2 by Meta, a sophisticated AI tool that has been developed as an open-source large language model. Accessible for both research and commercial use, this advanced model boasts pretrained and fine-tuned language models ranging from 7B to 70B parameters. By visiting ai.meta.com/llama, users can freely explore this next-generation model.

Trained on 2 trillion tokens, the pretrained models offer double the context length when compared to its predecessor, Llama 1. The fine-tuned models, on the other hand, leverage over 1 million human annotations. These features enable Llama 2 by Meta to outperform other open-source language models in various external benchmarks such as reasoning, coding, proficiency, and knowledge tests.

Meta has crafted Llama 2 using a plethora of publicly available online data sources for pretraining, and instruction datasets for fine-tuning. The company works closely with a network of cloud providers, companies, and researchers who support their open approach, aiming to nurture a responsible and collaborative AI innovation ecosystem.

Meta also offers a variety of resources, including a Responsible Use Guide for developers and safety red-teaming to enhance Llama 2's performance and safety. With the vision to involve the community in decision-making around generative AI technologies, Meta maintains a Generative AI Community Forum, in consultation with Stanford Deliberative Democracy Lab and the Behavioral Insights Team.

To ensure responsible use, access to Llama 2 requires users to agree to Meta's privacy policy. A wealth of additional resources such as a technical overview, research paper, and blog post are also readily available to provide more information on Llama 2 and its responsible use.

In summary, Llama 2 by Meta is a powerful AI tool that offers a broad range of applications in research and commercial settings. With its high-performing language models and an ecosystem built on collaboration and responsible use, it provides a robust platform for AI innovation. Whether you're a developer looking to enhance your project, a researcher exploring AI potentials, or a company aiming to leverage AI technology, Llama 2 can help you achieve your goals.

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