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Get ready to skyrocket creativity, collaboration, and productivity with the MiroAI, an AI tool crafted to serve as a hub for idea generation and process optimization. With miro.com/ai, you can tap into a range of dynamic features designed to streamline and enrich your work processes.

One of the key features is the Mind Map Idea Generation. This feature automatizes the creation of complex mind maps with various branches, sparking creativity and organizing thoughts more effectively. Another standout feature is the Summarize Sticky Notes. This tool compacts several sticky notes into one, making it easier to organize and manage your thoughts and tasks.

With MiroAI, you can also effortlessly transform natural language into code, which is a vital feature for those working in software development or other tech-related fields. The Image Generation feature allows for the creation of images directly from text, adding a visual component to your ideas. And if you're into creating user stories from ideas, MiroAI has got you covered.

Currently in its beta stage, MiroAI is available for Free, Starter, Business, or Consultant plan users from May 16. Enterprise Admins have the ability to enable or disable this AI tool for their whole organization. It's compatible with a variety of board objects which include sticky notes, images, cards, code blocks, sequence diagrams, and mind maps.

Adding to its impressive feature list, MiroAI can also group sticky notes based on keywords or sentiment. The beta program encourages user feedback, playing a crucial role in enhancing MiroAI's service quality. You can be assured that any input data is used strictly to facilitate a response from the AI model, abiding by Miro's Privacy Policy in respect of content and data usage.

In summary, MiroAI is a groundbreaking AI tool that elevates creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Its features cater to a broad spectrum of users, from idea generation to task organization. Its use cases range from streamlining work processes to facilitating brainstorming sessions. Its commitment to data privacy adds an extra layer of trust, making it a worthy tool for any team or individual looking to optimize their workflow.

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