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Experience the power of AI with PenParrot, a tool that brings the capabilities of ChatGPT to every text box. With the use of an easy /AI command, you can call upon ChatGPT and access a variety of shortcuts for tasks such as rewriting, summarizing, lengthening, translating, and even coding text.

PenParrot has made its mark by integrating seamlessly with over 20,000 websites and applications, enabling the use of AI wherever you go. You have the freedom to design your own shortcuts to fit your work style and preferences. This customization can amplify your work efficiency, potentially quadrupling your productivity.

Subscriptions to PenParrot offer you unlimited access to GPT 3.5 Turbo and all its updates for an annual fee. There are two pricing options available: $24/year or $57/year. Be aware, there may be occasional hiccups when using PenParrot with Google Docs, Facebook, or Outlook.

What sets PenParrot apart is its respect for user privacy. There's no requirement for a separate API key, and no user data collection. Users have consistently praised PenParrot in reviews, highlighting its usefulness in writing emails, posts, and creating content. In fact, it's a favorite AI tool for many.

In conclusion, PenParrot opens the door for users to leverage AI across their browser, providing the flexibility to create custom shortcuts. not only simplifies tasks but also enhances productivity. It's a tool designed with user efficiency and privacy in mind, making it a reliable partner for all your writing needs.

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