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Experience the power of de-identification with Segmed's De-Id Playground, an AI tool that uses advanced language models to safely remove personally identifiable information (PII) from sample data.'s tool provides an interactive platform where you can input your own data to understand its potential. It's worth mentioning that this tool is for demonstration purposes only and shouldn't be used for actual PII removal in a live environment.

Segmed's De-Id Playground is built on create-react-app, making it necessary for JavaScript to be enabled for a flawless experience. One of the key features of this tool is the 'clean the data' function, which lets you sanitize data even further. offers essential insights into its de-identification services, encouraging those who find value in their AI tool to directly contact them for more detailed information or inquiries.

This tool offers a straightforward and accessible platform, allowing you to experiment with Segmed's de-identification capabilities. If you're interested in using Segmed's services, contact information is readily available for easy access to more comprehensive solutions.

In summary, Segmed's De-Id Playground is a useful AI tool that demonstrates the process of de-identification using language models. It offers a hands-on experience for users to understand the tool's capabilities, ensuring no data is saved or stored. It's an excellent platform for those interested in de-identification services to explore and learn more about the potentials of this technology.

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