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Unleash the power of AI with Semantic Scholar, an online research hub that collects and organizes scholarly articles from a wide array of scientific fields, including but not limited to nanotechnology and moral reasoning. This AI tool uses advanced algorithms and engineering prowess to interpret the semantics of each study, helping you uncover pertinent publications with ease.

With an impressive archive of over 211 million articles, stands as a treasure trove of scientific knowledge. The tool also features an innovative program, Semantic Reader, currently in beta, that enhances your reading experience by adding depth and accessibility to scientific literature.

Semantic Scholar is not only user-friendly, but also developer-friendly, as it offers a robust and improved API, granting developers the ability to sift through papers on the platform, alongside improved documentation and stability.

Engineered by the Allen Institute for AI, Semantic Scholar aims to streamline AI research, promote inclusivity, and minimize carbon footprint. This commitment to efficiency and inclusivity extends to the platform's user community. Researchers can register to receive updates on relevant papers and new feature releases, while publishers are welcome to contribute their research to the platform.

The platform's expert team, comprised of seasoned researchers, ensures the integrity and quality of the content. Moreover, users can take advantage of the extensive FAQ section and detailed tutorials to explore the full potential of the tool.

In summary, Semantic Scholar leverages the power of AI to facilitate scholarly research. The main features include a vast archive of scientific literature, an augmented reading experience with Semantic Reader, and a robust API for developers. Whether you're a researcher seeking relevant publications or a developer wanting to explore scientific papers, Semantic Scholar can significantly enhance your scholarly pursuits.

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