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Streamline your project management and boost productivity with Steve AI from Linear. This AI tool gives you both a macro and micro perspective of your project in a user-friendly format. Instead of getting swamped in project mess, focus on engineering marvels.

Setting up Steve AI is a breeze with its three-step onboarding process. Start with a quick two-minute integration, followed by easy configuration and inviting your team members for collaboration. Once set up, Steve AI brings clarity to your workflows and keeps chaos at bay.

Steve AI comes packed with a variety of features like a basic AI chatbot, rigorous security measures, and tailored recommendations. You can test out these features with the free version, which includes access to a Linear workspace, less than ten issues, and five prompts a month.

If you're looking for an upgrade, the 'Evolve' paid plan offers unlimited issues, projects, teams, and real-time data updates, along with all the features of the basic plan. For those who want even more, the 'Supercharge' level offers a custom knowledge base, exclusive integrations, a dedicated support manager, and custom models.

In conclusion, Steve AI from Linear is a versatile AI tool that simplifies project management and enhances productivity. It offers a range of useful features for teams of all sizes, from the free version to advanced plans. Whether you're looking to streamline your workflows or supercharge your project management, Steve AI has a plan to suit your needs.

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