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Unlocking the power of artificial intelligence has never been easier with TeamSmart. This Chrome extension is an AI tool designed to amplify your ChatGPT experience by offering a squad of AI assistants at your disposal. From writing code, creating images, to summarizing content, these AI assistants can handle tasks with proficiency and speed.

Accessing TeamSmart is as simple as a click in your browser. You can use your OpenAI API key, making it a cost-effective solution. The tool comes with an inbuilt library of high-quality prompts, accessible via a handy keyboard shortcut. Each AI team member possesses a unique set of skills, allowing you to select the most suitable one for your specific task.

Experience the versatility of TeamSmart through the special abilities of some team members. They can summarize content on your current page or offer expertise in fields like software engineering, design, marketing, and more. Rest assured that your data remains safe and local to your device with TeamSmart. You have the freedom to clear your messages anytime you want.

Summarizing, TeamSmart is an AI tool that is not only a powerful aid for AI-assisted productivity but also a convenient method to get a team of AI assistants. Its main features include task-specific AI assistant selection, instant access to a library of quality prompts, and data security. Whether you need help with coding, design, or marketing, TeamSmart is your go-to solution, making your ChatGPT experience more efficient and enjoyable.

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